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Valelawgroup focuses its corporate law and securities practice on providing legal advice that is sophisticated and practical.  We approach every corporate law matter with business oriented common sense and shepherd our clients to economically desirable solutions.  In the process, we draw on our expertise to help our clients achieve compliance with applicable laws and regulations.  We advise our clients on day-to-day legal issues that arise in the operation of their business.  A key aspect of our corporate value-added is business planning to avoid commercial litigation problems in the future.
Valelawgroup is an international law firm that has wide-ranging experience working with international and foreign clients, including corporations, high net worth individuals and governmental entities. We recognize the importance of providing a clear and comprehensive roadmap for our foreign clients regarding the conduct of U.S. legal matters. Our international lawyers help foreign clients navigate the complexities of the United States legal system and provide advice regarding the application of state and federal laws and regulations in international transactions. We regularly represent foreign clients in a variety of litigation and transactional matters throughout the United States and have coordinated litigation for our international clients in multiple jurisdictions, both within and outside the United States. On those cases, we work closely with our clients and their foreign counsel, in-house attorneys, and professional advisors to achieve successful results.